Poxet 60 mg

Poxet 60 mg – effective, safe and reliable solution to the problem of premature ejaculation
About premature ejaculation say that when ejaculation occurs shortly after initiation of sexual intercourse with minimal stimulation of the penis or before sexual partner was sexual gratification. Premature ejaculation is probably one of the most common sexual complaints, which are young and sexually active men seek an appointment with a specialist, sexologist. According to various estimates, this problem sooner or later faces every third young man. The emergence of ejaculatory disorders contribute to both psychological and biological factors. Among the psychological causes of the occurrence of premature ejaculation, most researchers considered the lack of sexual experience, increased anxiety, often associated with sexual relationships, interpersonal problems with a sexual partner, the excitement that a man experiences during the first sexual encounter with a new partner, the lack of trust relationships with a sexual partner. The most common biological causes of premature ejaculation are increased sensitivity of the penis head in young men, hormonal fluctuations, inflammatory diseases of the prostate and the urethra, the low level of neurotransmitters in the brain cells responsible for regulation of the process of ejaculation, heredity.
Until recently, the treatment of ejaculation disorder is a serious problem that requires long-term and complex treatment in specialist-sexologist, which, unfortunately, has not always been successful. However, thanks to the efforts of pharmacists, effective and safe drugs developed to date, allowing to forget about premature ejaculation forever. One such drug Poxet is produced in three doses – 30, 60 and 90 mg, allow individual selection of an effective dose of the drug in each case. The clinical study drug confirmed its high efficiency, excellent tolerability and minimum undesirable side effects in its administration. Poxet 60 mg significantly extends the duration of sexual intercourse already at the first reception of a tablet formulation, bringing you the confidence in his men’s strength and attractiveness. Having bought the Poxet 60 mg, you save yourself from worrying about a possible premature onset of ejaculation, and improve the quality of their sex lives.

Poxet contains in its composition the active ingredient – Poxet hydrochloride – serotonin reuptake inhibitor short-acting. Poxet hydrochloride affects paragigantokletochnoe core of the brain stem – the structure that regulates the speed of the onset of ejaculation. Poxet increases the concentration of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the nucleus, which delays the process of ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse. The maximum effect of the drug occurs within an hour after administration and lasts 4-6 hours. By its action of the drug is similar to the Super P-Force – a combined agent comprising a selective inhibitor of cGMP – specific phosphodiesterase – sildenafil and Poxet hydrochloride.

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Instructions for receiving Poxet 60 mg
Discover The following specific instructions before taking the drug.

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Available in tablets, coated tablets containing 60 mg of Poxet hydrochloride. Tablets are enclosed in blisters with 10 tablets each.

pharmacological properties
The preparation contains the active ingredient – Poxet hydrochloride 60 mg. Poxet hydrochloride is readily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, rapidly reaching peak plasma concentrations. The drug appears kidneys and intestines in the form of inactive metabolites.

The treatment of premature ejaculation in men aged 18 – 65 years.

Dosing and Administration
1 tablet contains Poxet 60 mg average daily dose of the active ingredient. The drug is taken 60 minutes before anticipated sexual intercourse. Taking medication can not be combined with alcohol. Simultaneous administration with food does not slow down the absorption of the active ingredient. drug effect is maintained for 6 hours after administration. Poxet can be taken daily, at any time of the day. If necessary, the drug dose can be increased to 90 mg.