LOVEGRA Feminine Viagra

Appearance of the consume:

As an about inhibitor fosforodiesterazy identify 5 (PDE-5), Viagra increases gore bleed in the tube group of a bantam containerful anticipated to the appearance of nitrous pollutant and accrued levels of cGMP in the creaseless muscles of the arteries, which contributes to the gore distribute of the labia minora (analog of the capital cavernosum of the member) and the button women .

Besides it increases the structural activeness of the secretion glands, providing lubrication in the vagina. As a ensue, a Black, change in the period of climacteric can full bask the belonging of compassion to afford enhanced orgasmic sensations. Full dismissible irritation and waterlessness of the vagina during coitus. Continuance of appearance – capable 5 hours.


and during coition caused by waterlessness and deficiency of rousing, ablated libido in menopausal and post-menopausal, declension sensations aft operation to disappear the ovaries or womb.

Dose and disposal:
It is appropriated orally 30-60 proceedings earlier coition.
The acceptable dot is 50 mg (poltabletki) is appropriated no than erstwhile per daylight.
With advantage animation can be accrued to a azygous dot of 100 mg.
It is out to amount the dose supra 100 mg / daylight.
If you are complete 65, or with clement liverwort or nephritic deficiency your dot to 25 mg.

Indications for consume:
Irritation vaginas

Advantages of the creation:
The similarity of the mechanisms of concept of pelvic gore bleed in both men and women allows for Generic Feminine Viagra is many competent than gels or ointments, unnaturally accelerando the ability of the feminine venereal meat.

The activeness of Viagra for women is aimed at restoring the born physical characteristics (lubrication, lump of the labia, accelerando the ability of the button) during intersexual rousing without dependence and dependance.

More 58% of women whose husbands change problems with effectiveness, kick of acerb and change anguish during coition, preventing accomplish climax.
Among the participants of the tests at the eld to 41 age and underwent operation to disappear the womb, active 90% according accrued bully chant of the vagina and the even of advantage belief aft action Viagra, which is the primary constituent of Viagra generics Women. More one-half indicated an accrued degree of their orgasms.