Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals

Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals is the leading pharmaceutical company in Iran, produces various medicines for humans and animals, including hormonal (anabolic and androgenic steroids). To date, it is a monopolist of the pharmacological and pharmaceutical industry of Iran.
In 1965, Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals was founded as a subsidiary of the German concern Shering and bore the name Berlimed of Iran. In 1981, it was renamed to Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals Co. Today it is the property of the state, it has relatively modern equipment at its disposal. Production processes meet the criteria of the industry standard GMP and the international standards of “Quality Management” and OHSAS. The products are environmentally friendly and comply with ISO 14001.
Anabolic and androgenic steroids Aburayhan are available in the form of tablets, capsules, injections and powder.
Reviews about Aburaihan tadarise Pharmaceuticals edit.
The most famous AAS produced by the Iranian company are esters of testosterone and nandrolone. As well as Stanozolol. In principle, reviews about Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals mark the conformity of the quality of products in its price category. Simply put, by purchasing anabolic and androgenic steroids of Iranian production, you will get an average quality at the minimum market prices. Professional high-level athletes rarely use the products of Aburayhan, but amateurs often.
Counterfeits are rare, steroids are well protected. Nevertheless, reviews about Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals are far from always positive. However, often the effect is of an individual nature: what the organism of one athlete reacts to is expressed, the other causes only minimal changes in the physiological state.
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